Henying Consultancy Tianjin


Henying Consultancy was founded in 2011 by Annie Ying Xu and Hensley Oosterwolde in Tianjin/China. The company is headquartered in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The history of the company can be traced back to the strong business relationships that were built with clients from the company Henying Education, a company that was also founded as well by Ying Xu and Hensley Oosterwolde. Henying Education is an education center where children between the ages of 6 and 14 can learn English where the teaching method is completely different from the traditional Chinese method. The teachers strive to strengthen the social and communication skills of the children by creating an environment where they can interact with each other and learn to work together and express themselves in a group, instead of stimulating the children to focus on individual success and becoming the best of the group.

With professionalism, dedication and active involvement in the education of the pupils, Henying Education has gained the trust and respect of the community in Tianjin. The community began to approach Ying Xu with the request to advise them on the practical aspects of doing business internationally. Tianjin is an important trading city for China but it does not have an extensive international network like Shanghai or Beijing. Parents of the pupils even requested Ying Xu to form a trade delegation to represent Chinese companies during trade fairs. These developments led to an expansion of Henying Education with the establishment of Henying Consultancy.

The network of Henying Consultancy has been growing steadily. We welcome local entrepreneurs who are looking for business opportunities beyond the Chinese borders and have the objective to establish, maintain and expand their international activities. We also assist foreign companies in drawing up a strategic plan to strengthen their position in the Chinese market and determine an action plan to target cultural differences in business operations to achieve success.

We distinguish ourselves from other consultancy companies. We make use of our in-depth knowledge and experience in the Chinese and Western business culture to facilitate the process of internationalization for our clients. We focus greatly on educating our clients (and their personnel) on developing and improving their intercultural competencies and skills. We encourage our clients to learn to embrace, understand and respect the cultural differences of the countries where they desire to do business. We offer a high level of commitment to providing the best service to our clients.

We aim to empower business entrepreneurs with appropriate management tools to solve complex business issues. The business market in China is particularly difficult to access. The market is complex, extensive, and highly competitive and differs greatly per region. We have been approached by our international network to assist them in the integration process into the Chinese market. Businesses originating from Western Europe, North and South America and the Netherlands Antilles among other places, form part of our extensive client list. We give them useful insights into the Chinese market and advise them on overcoming critical financial and operational risks that could affect their economic development in China. By working closely with our clients we try to make sure that their strategic goals and business plans are a good match for the challenging and complex market of China.

Our Vision

We are committed to creating a sustainable working environment where the diversity of our clients is highlighted, respected and celebrated. As a consultant company, we aim to continuously educate ourselves in order to provide our clients with the best service and help them achieve their goals. This is why our expertise is not limited to some areas of business management. We consist of a team of talented experts that aspire to provide our clients with the necessary tools to face challenges that can originate from issues in the management, operational or financial department. We do not limit ourselves by only giving advisory services. We work hand in hand with our clients to prepare them for potential cases of crisis management on the Chinese market. We are motivated to contribute to a healthy business culture for our clients in a highly competitive but increasingly international marketplace that is China.

Our Mission

We seek to always provide top quality services to our clients. China has experienced a considerable economic growth over the last ten years. The Chinese market has shifted from a centrally planned to a market-based economy. Despite the challenges that the Chinese (export) economy faces with the Euro crisis, China is still an attractive location for direct foreign investments and trade relations. Our mission is to continue to expand our global network based on the principles of integrity and respect while maintaining our distinctive characteristics of doing business. We have created a platform where clients learn about international business management in a spirit of critical dialogue, close cooperation, and intercultural communication. We continuously work on embracing the diversity of our clients and determine a business approach and strategic plan that is suitable for their internalization goals that will allow them to become self-sufficient.

Management Team

Annie Ying Xu
General Manager

Annie Ying Xu is co-founder and General Manager of Henying Consultancy. Since the earliest days of Henying, Annie has been actively involved in all stages of the strategic planning, consulting assignments, business processes, and operations. During that time she was responsible for assisting clients in the development and implementation of effective sales operations programs and strategic management tools and techniques. Nowadays she is responsible for the daily operations of Henying. She is specialized in providing Strategy and Operations services to foreign companies to improve their performance in the Chinese market.




Henying Consultancy is part of Henying Group and fully owned.
Henying Group was founded in 2011 by Hensley Oosterwolde en Ying Xu


Henying Group has various participation in companies in the fields Education, IT, Horse business, and consultancy our major businesses we combine with a Western and Chinese management style. We believe in innovation and technology to grow and compete more effectively in the domestic and on a global market.


Our success and rapid growth are because we building our company base on entrepreneurship and fully focus on the experience and the needs of our customers in all the industry we operate.