American investors getting set in Chinese equine trade

Rotterdam, 14 January 2015 – Henying B.V., a Sino-Dutch consultancy bureau, has received financial support from American investors. This financial boost will allow Henying to continue to expand its market share in the thriving Chinese equine trade. “This investment ensures that we can deliver an even better service for our Chinese customers,” Hensley Oosterwolde and Ying Xu, founders of Henying B.V., said Wednesday.


Henying B.V. has been actively trading in China for a number of years. Increasingly, their customers expressed interest in horses and equestrian sport and so the company became involved in the international trade. “The equine trade is developing very quickly,” said Hensley Oosterwolde, “and we play our part by delivering Dutch horses of an outstanding quality to our customers.”
The recent rapid growth of the Chinese economy is one of the explanations for this development and growth in the export market. Henying B.V. has developed an excellent reputation because of its connections with Dutch horse breeders and its knowledge of the domestic market in China. This has drawn the attention of American investors into the business.


“Equestrianism has rapidly gained popularity in China, but it is a relatively new sport. This means that riders require a high level of guidance and support for the whole duration of their participation in the sport,” according to Oosterwolde. “This guidance begins by the choice of a horse, by giving information over Dutch horses, with expert help during the purchase.”


Henying B.V. will use the investment in the Chinese aspect of the business to deliver the best possible service to its customers. This will ensure that the complete service – from initial expression of interest all the way to the placement of a horse in a Chinese stable – will receive an enormous quality boost. “Our goal is to increase our market share and become the markt leader in China”. said Hensley Oosterwolde.


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