Ying Xu NOS Journaal horses

The management team of Henying Horse has years of experience in the horse world, focused on the Chinese market. Our knowledge of both the European and Chinese horse industry make us one of the most dedicated player in this niche market. Henying Horse is part of the Henying Group. Ying Xu is responsible for the sales and after sales proces.


Growing market

The increasing prosperity and interest in equestrian, Chinese horse market is growing fast since 2010. A trend that continues steadily; China’s nouveau riche have more growing interest in equestrian sports. Henying Horse herein focuses mainly on horse traders wishing to export European quality horses to this important new market.

One stop shop

Our activities in this area is to ensure that we see new developments in the market quickly, an up-to-date picture of the local market and direct liaising with all relevant parties.
Our knowledge, experience and network make that we are able to serve our customers in the broadest sense of the word. Henying Horse is a one stop shop service provider in this particular niche market. Our in-house team and external network of horse experts can assist the customer in any application.


In addition to our activities in the Chinese horse market Henying Horses focuses on services in the Chinese market in general. Henying Horse also provide stable management and horse training in China. Equestrianism has rapidly gained popularity in China, but it is a relatively new sport. This means that riders require a high level of guidance and support for the whole duration of their participation in the sport.“This guidance begins by the choice of a horse, by giving information over horses, Henying Horse focus to deliver high quality service.

Exclusive rights

Henying Horse also sell horse products from Europe to China and several Dutch horse products from Holland/The Netherlands we have exclusive rights for the Chinese market.